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“Home Staging To SELL…FASTER!!!”

    “Home Staging is PURE economics”-HSR.

  *If you improve the look and condition of a product=the home you will ultimately increase the value of the home!

HCMdesigns views your House as a Product for sale, and want you to get the MOST from your investment! All transformations made will make a dramatic difference in the value of your home! Having BEAUTIFUL pictures of your home ONLINE is a MUST…and when they enter the house they need to FEEL HOME too! 

Vacant homes are empty and they make buyers focus on negatives rather than the positives of the home !

For more information upon how we can assist you in your selling efforts please contact us via email or just give us a call today… and you will recieve your FREE Staging & Selling for Top Dollar Guide & HCMdesigns’ Openhouse Checklist!


Our Staging rates & services Accommodate EVERYONE!!!

You don’t have to be RICH to SELL your Home for More $$$


   Our Home Staging Services    

All of our services start with an Initial Home Staging Consultation,  we start with this appointment paid upfront, or upon arrival. HCMdesigns will start working and research your home’s demographics and competition as soon as your consult is scheduled! Meaning upon arrival we will be prepared to dive right in, know what your up against, and be prepared to tackle your project at hand faster, so you will always walk away with valuable information!  We will spend upto to 2 hours with you and your agent if available and put our “Buyer’s Eye’s On” …This process allows us to properly diagnose the home and determine better what truly needs the most attention in order for it to show it’s best and sell ultimately faster for the highest dollar amount! Since all of our services are catered to accomodate your home individually, we will provide you with our service options  depending on size, condition, and your budget!


>>According to the National Association of Realtors, Home Sellers who typically spend between 1-3% of the value of their home on staging and improvements will usually return (ROI) between 8-10% of their home value in sales price!

“The COST of Staging your Home will is Always be Dramatically LESS than Your First Price Reduction of your home-for-sale!”


Full Service Staging PACKAGE PLAN!!!




Verbal and Written Walk-n-Talk Reports

We also  have a Staging report that is perfect for the home seller with the DIY incentive! At HCMdesigns, we understand there are those DIY people out there that prefer to do the work on their own but they just need the guidance of a plan to help get the job done correctly and properly!…This is an important component when selling your home during a time when there are so many other homes on the market at similar values!


Get Staged…Be ”showcase” ready to SELL!

At HCMdesigns, we understand, and are sensitive to the needs of our customers. We are extremely flexible to your schedules. All of our Staging options are designed especially to help you get your Occupied home or apartment listing READY for Your Open House, SOLD FASTER, and for MORE MONEY… A.S.A.P!!!  And we are READY to STAGE your Home-for-Sale & help you get it $OLD Fa$ter!!!___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Pretty Sells & Staging Makes Cents!”

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