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Staging to PARTY!!!



Stage to PARTY!!!

Decorating is Staging with a Purpose!


HCMdesigns wants you to help you get your home ready to entertain! We will work with you to create the perfect inviting space for your family & friends to enjoy!  You’ll be the toast of the town by hosting the best party around!!!  …there are no limits to how spectacular your party can be when you plan it just right!  Having a party doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore…

 In today’s economy it makes cents to use the what you already have and make it shine!  Now is the time to book your home rather than the hall!  If you use your imagination, foster all that creativity, there are no limits to how can Amazingly your home can accomodate, and serve your guests!  Enhance and change that boring idea of a not only “budget friendly,” but the whole aspect of the “typical house party”… Throw it Out the door!!!  …and invite Luxury into your home!   HCMdesigns is here to help create a plan that works Best for you and your Staging needs…  

Staging is All about Decorating for All Seasons, and for All the Right Reasons! 

So let’s plan for All those special days together!   All services start with an intial consultation. An HCMdesigns consultant will come to your home, spend about 1-2 hours with you listening and learning about your ideas, and taking valuable notes to begin to create an initial game plan for the staging project.  Staging services may vary depending on the your wishlist.  HCMdesigns will work with whatever budget whether big or small! We offer you the benefit of our designer discounts when you take advantage of our shopping service.  We will work with the you one on one to create an atmosphere that works best with the overall desired appeal for the decoration or theme, and try to enhance your party or events experience in your home. HCMdesigns will research, offer helpful suggestions, and provide tips while creating a plan that includes all cosmetic and decorative qualities!

 Party Staging  Service Options:

Option #1:

Full Service Party Staging, Action Plan, Shopping“:

This Party Staging package service Option

We will coordinate and plan your party keeping mind your vision!

An HCMdesigns consultant will come to your home and will work with you, the home owner to plan the event or desired decor by providing advice on how to use your budget to your advantage, usage of colors, and other decorative qualities necessary to build, create and acquire the BEST outcome for the event!

Please note: All of our Party Staging Day services include our Party Action Plan, which we will individually create to transform your home into the place you and your loved ones will love and enjoy! The Action plan caters cosmetically to your personal tastes and budget. If in the event you decide that you do not need the assistance of HCMdesigns Staging day decorative services to help and work with you…

Our Shopping service is a very valuable service to you when theres so much to do! …Plus you have the opportunity to benefit financially, because HCMdesigns has pre-arrangements with various venders that provide a multitude of selection ranging from food to music and you get to enjoy our designer discounts on decor too!

This service is for the client who may need more hands on help with shopping, and full staging set up.  Our Shopping service provides you with the advantage of less hassles and the wonderful benefit of designer discounts that we want to share with you!


Ala Carte Party Action Plan

 For our DIY friends we will create our indepth personalized  Party Action Plan for you, saving you time and headache!

An HCMdesigns consultant will come to your home and will work with you to plan the event or decor by providing advice on how to use your budget to your advantage, usage of colors, and other decorative qualities necessary to build and create your desired outcome for the party by yourself.  HCMdesigns will do all the research to come up with the BEST possible solutions to help save you money and energy!


Option #3

HCMdesigns’ Personal Shopping Services

HCMdesigns will  shop for gifts for you and wrap them! We can help you find the perfect gift & stay within your budget too! We will provide you with our designer to the trade only disvcounts and use our expertise in valued bargin hunting shopping just for you!   For your convenience, you can buy Staging Cash with your credit card, or provide cash or check upfront. All reciepts will be returned to you on arrival after purchases have been made. All gift purchases will be made with careful consideration of your needs & specific wants* 

 Stage to Party Today!!!

 Let HCMdesigns assist you with All your Decorating, Staging & Shopping needs.  … Its our mission for you to have more fun at HOME!

 Let’s get started…CALL NOW!


please note:  Our intial consultation fee is due on the day of the agreed, and scheduled appointment. All hourly fees will be due at the finale of each day. Any tolls & bridges incurred are extra, not included in price.

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