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Staging to LIVE is All about YOU!!!

 …From Dated to Dazzling!!! 

Refresh, Renew, Reinvent,

***Redesign Your HOME***

Let HCMdesigns help you fall in love with your home all over again!  *Stage To Live HAPPIER…Now!!!”  

Use what you already own to create the look and feel you’ve always longed for!

Redesign, is fairly the same as Staging to SELL …Except our main objective is to create a cozy FEEL HOME feeling for YOU to enjoy personally!  This creative process will use your present furnishings, and if needed we will shop to update your existing décor to enhance the overall layout and feeling the r0om.  HCMdesigns will work with your budget, whether big or small to get the Most attractive outcome possible by making all our Designer discounts available to you! Room by room we will then define your personal style, and devise a working solution for  All your Redesign challenges!  Staging to Live is Home Styling at it’s BEST! By incorporating basic core design elements & principles we will be able to use your newly defined design preferences to create a wonderfully personified retreat for you and your family!

Working with HCMdesigns is also Win Win situation from a homeowner’s perspective, besides a relief to the All renters out there! Staging can transform any space and it’s appeal just by updating your decor!  Since we work with you, all design decisions will cater to your personal style, and accentuate your home’s Value by making only cosmetic updates and changes that will keep your home Appreciating, in the event you decide to ever put your home on the market and wish to sell it faster! But for those with no intention of ever selling,  you’ll be able to benefit the MOST and Enjoy Your Very Own Personalized Retreat away from the world outside with All it’s stressers!  …HCMdesigns wants to take you HOME!!!

Our Initial Redesign Consultation:

 Take this opportunity to create a better Healthier Happier Living Environment for you and your whole family!   Whether you want to just Redesign one room or all rooms in your house. Once you’ve booked your initial Redesign consultation, please fill out our form at the bottom of this page, so we can get started! (Payment is due immediately upon booking or latest, upon arrival)  Next, we’ll meet with you for a minimum of 1-2 hours, discuss your budget and what you wish to accomplish in each room.  We will then help you define your personal style, what the architectural style of your home is, identify focal points in each room, and evaluate your present color schemes, furniture and placement, while looking for balance in order to marry both the unique characteristics of the home with your personal style!  We will then suggest and offer you our service packages that will accomodate and best suit your individual project.  HCMdesigns intentions are to help you make your “new or old” house or apartment just simply feel stylish, and YOURS!

Our Action Plans address only cosmetic changes such as, paint color choices, lighting, window treatments, additional accessories that may be need to be purchased, in order to update the room dramatically as well as any repairs that may need attention before staging can actually begin. 

*Let HCMdesigns help you fall in love with your home all over again!***

 Stage to Live..Happier by simply Redecorating! 
Redesigning Staging Days:

 It’s AMAZING what can be accomplished in just one Staging day!!! 

This service is meant for the home owner who would like some “hands-on” assistance implementing the Redesign Action Plan. An HCMdesigns consultant will return to your home and creatively work with you upto 4 hours, direct the redesign project and execute the Action Plan designated to the chosen room or rooms that require the most attention. By re-organizing, improving furniture layout, changing lighting, implementing new color selections and working with what you already own as our inventory! We will improve, personalize and downplay any trouble spots in the timeframe we have together. It’ s important to keep in mind that depending on the budget and the working condition of each room will ultimately determine how many staging days will be needed in order to capture that overall desired “FEEL HOME” end result, successfully!  We will stop short the last hour to either book another staging day or take the excess time to help you complete the project by yourself using the Action plan as a guide.  


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