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Redesign your rental property

Staging New York  rental properties

“Vacation Staging” is a minor Investment that will repeatedly repay you in the longrun!!!

*People will pay MORE for updated Decor!!!

If a picture can tell a thousand words… what is your listing saying to the public about your property? Do you have a theme? Is your present decor Selling the personality of the architecture and in touch with the feeling your trying to acheive? Such as some Bed & Breakfast’s are tokened for Antique & Art filled towns, that relay the charm and spirit of a relaxing Get-a-away!

 ”Updated and Refreshed” is what your rental property should exude!!!

Do you own a Bed-n-Breakfast , a ”Summer” Time Share, whether a room or a entire home you intend or need to rent out, nightly, weekly, monthly or even just seasonally, such as during the summer?  Are you hoping to charge a significant amount that will help you pay your mortgage or other bills, are you hoping to Sell Out and make as much money possible A.S.A.P.???  If your goal is to SELL OUT…Faster and Stay Booked for MORE $$$  Home Staging is the #1 Marketing Tool to get SOLD …Faster & for MORE Money!!!

Now is the time to ask yourself:

Do you have a strategic marketing plan in place that will enhance your profits? Is your property showing it’s BEST?  If the answer to either of these questions is NO…it could cost you dearly!

Home Staging is “lifestyle merchandising,” and “ Vacation Staging” is so incredibly important when presenting a property to the public! It’s even more competitive than the real estate market!  It not only must appeal to the general public, but appeal on a higher level because it is a luxury! The veiwer must be able to mentally escape when they lay their eyes on the pictures of your property ONLINE! Their plan is to ultimately to go on vacation somewhere by choice with leisure!

Key Note:

 A vacationer NEEDS to feel confident that their choice will be the BEST option out there, that they and they’re families will enjoy the MOST!  A vacationer  also NEEDS to know that their money is being well spent, as their time is valuable considering most people work for a living, and their vacation days are limited! Attracting the right target market for your product is Key! As a Renter, how are you accomodating your Vacationer? Does your property appeal and connect with a mass of individuals? How do you get most of your business? …from hear say or from the internet? Do you aspire to SELL OUT*Pictures Online allows a vast amount of viewers to see your property & instantly decide whether it is Desirable, or Not!  They Need to say to themselves with one or two glances I WANT to Stay there!!!  They will BOOK it Immediately, and when they travel to your property they will feel as EXCITED as they did the first time they saw your property ONLINE!!!  Still ofcourse, hoping will it be the same as the pictures or even better?  First Impressions Count!  If your property is not Showcased Ready to show it’s Best…You will force the Vacationers to ask themselves, why should I spend my vacation days there…at your rental? This is the LAST question you want them to ponder, because they will wander!  Competetion is steep, especially when you are dealing with emotions and limited time purchases! 

How does your property stand out from the rest in your area? How does your property Compete? Do you have Awesome Amendities as well as Amazing Accomodations…???  Are you taking Full Advantage of them by fully Showcasing them?   If your Not, the Vacationer will  NOT even Notice them!

Work with an HCMdesigns HSR Certified Professional Home Stager, who specializes in creating spaces people will LOVE to RENT over and over again!!! Working with an expert Stager can save you time and money, as well as benefit you by creating that Staged Ambiance which will lure your target market and make them fall in love! You must build that vision of what kind of experience your Vacationer will be provided by going to your property! Now is the time to start thinking about what is going to make your property stand out against the competition? Why should someone choose your property and price when they’re so many others out there?  What makes your space Special? Do you have a competitive edge? Is your property showing it’s Very BEST?   *Sometimes we Need to Be HONEST!  And Capturing that feeling of  WOW!!! …makes ALL the difference!  It is what truly matters the MOST when a Vacationer is Shopping Online!

Think about what YOU would pay MORE for???:

A ROOM at a fancy hotel or A ROOM at a no tell motel hotel? … They both have the same furniture, a bed, 2 night stands, lighting, a dresser, and maybe a table and chairs…with almost the same square footage, and location!

 The answer is Updated decor! The fancy hotel is only “fancy because of the updated decor in each room creates a new and inviting space rather than the old weathered furnishings of the motel and the colors used in the room that date the decor,  making it feel old and tattered!

When we start our process of thinking where we’d like to stay while on vacation, …we search ONLINE First!!!  We want and  MUST be able to Look at the pictures that attract us and we start to imagine ourselves there! …and then we book it!!!  It’s that SIMPLE!!!

 Why take a chance and Not Sell Out???  Be the BEST you can be!    Be they’re FIRST Choice…   ”Online First” by Staging it to Appeal to the ”Dreamy Vacationer’s Mindset”  A place they can envision themselves ENJOYING Right AWAY!!!

It is HCMdesigns’ intention to awaken the spirit of a paradise, with a touch of fantasy and envelope a complete sense of desirability of your property to the Vacationer! By enhancing your already Amazing Space into an “Inspiring Getaway”!!! We wish to capture the spirit of your rental and help you create a vision that will attract Vacationers and will aspire them to Want to go and STAY… and return again for many many years to come to your property!!!

Why risk it?

Stage it!

Get Started, Get Staged, & get Paid!!!

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