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Staging New York rental properties

Staging to RENT is the same as Staging to SELL,

… except there is MORE turnover!!!’

At HCMdesigns, we know how to save you time and money by using the #1 Marketing tool out there, Home Staging!  …We know how to lure, attract, target & apply your properties BEST attributes when staging it properly for the BEST Results!  Home Staging is the process that allows the customer to fall in love with your “product”… visually Online FIRST, and completely when they arrive!  Creating this vision, …becomes a dream!  ”Lifestyle Merchandising” applies especially to a Renter who desires & aspires to live a specific way! Dreaming of the “perfect home” doesn’t always mean the samething to everyone, everytime! An Apartment must suit the needs and match up with the “buyer’s standards and expectations!”   Remember a Renter today, may be tomorrow’s Buyer!  A well showcased property Rents & Sells…Faster & for MORE $$$  For a property owner looking to increase the value of the space to be rented, collect a higher rental price, and attain it quickly! …Stage it First, before you list it for LESS!!!  Take Action NOW… Don’t RISK the Earning potential of your rental property!

Get the MOST from what you already OWN!!!

… Get started, Get Staged, & get PAID…Faster!!!

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