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HCMdesigns’ Staging & Redesign Services 

All of our services begin with our Initial Home Staging Consultation.

Get Staged to SELL:

*Home owners:  In this very competitive marketplace, there’s no room for half-heartedness!  You either commit to selling your home or hold it.  Disassociating from your home and making sure it’s the best-looking home on the market in its price range is a first step.  The Staging Process can be tough, but it gets results and allows you to sell your home faster and for more money if you follow through the entire staging process for optimum results. We will provide you a Home Preparation Plan and offer you solutions, to which we have designed packages for all your staging needs.

***Staging your home is an Investment and our time together will help make you MORE money!  We  value your Success, and want you to get paid Top Dollar for your home! Staging your house with us will pay for itself!

The National Association of Realtors states that those who generally spend 1-3% of the value of their home on preparing their home to sell (staging), reap 8-10% in average price value 

(Fewer price reductions, carrying costs or home sitting on the market) 

Your Home’s “Staging Potential” at 1%:_________=________in Average Price Value

We offer individualized staging packages that accomodates all budgets. Our Hourly rates start at a $150 per hour for a home  that is 2,000 sqft or less, so if the home is larger than 2,000 sqft, an additional $50 per 500 sqft. 

*If you schedule your staging days at the time of the initial consultation you will be recieve an instant $50 discount off your first staging day! Remember: No matter how large the property is whether occupied or vacant!  We will define which packages will accomodate your home Individually and for your budget, so you get the MOST from our services & the BEST Results from our expertise!

For our “Realtor Partners we offer flexibilty and a variety of services for every client you have!  We also accomodate the Commercial Market as well!


Get Staged to RENT & LIVE

“Redesign, what you already have”

Redesign Service packages cater to the home owner, and can also accomodate the Renter too! Staging to LIVE is meant for the home owner who lives in the property we have packages for you too!!! 

Redesign your Rental property with our NEW “Vacation Staging Package”

Define your rental property’s style to a create a “theme” that MOST suits your target market by establishing the look & feel that your property truly has to offer! 

Develop the ambiance and the overall look and FEEL that you clientele will enjoy and create a space your customers will LOVE!!!


  Redesign help Al la Carte` Try our In-Depth Color Consultation:

This service assists the homeowner, seller or builder with color decisions that affect the entire overall feeling of each space designated to be  preferrably enjoyed and celebrated. “Color”  is a major decision making process that can intensely and dramatically change any environment.  HCMdesigns will work with you to help find & get the look and feel that you are after! We know that not making the correct color choices can become expensive, depending on big purchases, such as surfaces or flooring! Mixing and matching is a trial and error process!  HCMdesigns will share our creative insight and ability with you to aspire and help you make the best choices for your home, and budget, while staying true to our Feel Home process! Our Color consultation purely focusses on Home/Lighting Assessment, Paint Finish Assessment, Color Testing/with samples and swatches. (This is included in the Full-Service Option).


Staging to PARTY

 …accomodates the Home Seller attempting to grab the Most Attention from it’s Buyer’s with, “OPEN HOUSE” Parties  & stimulate the rejuvenated life force of Redesign back into the home for the Home Owner to truly enjoy, so they can create New memories! … that only brings priceless nostaglia to the home! “All kinds & types of HOUSE Parties”


Partner With An HCMdesigns HSR Certified Professional & Benefit!

  • We Listen!  We focus first on how we can benefit your business and help you sell your listings faster!
  • Partner Pricing - HCMdesigns Partners value your referral business!
  • Completed Client Action Plans - Photo detailed plans for your clients to easily follow!
  • Videos and Hand-Outs - We make you look prepared, educated and great!
  • Compelling Video Links To Send Clients 

 “PRETTY SELLS & Staging Makes Cents”

*Get Staged, & Get it SOLD …FASTER!!!


 Let’s Get Started, Call Today!!!

*** 347-631-0338***

Payment Details
We accept cash, check,  money order, credit cards, or paypal which is due at the time and date of services scheduled. 

 Please feel free to contact us for any payment questions

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