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-Here is an excerpt from: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Real Estate Agent” Marilyn Sullivan.

-”Top Dogs (the most successful agents) stage their listings.  They see every single listing as an opportunity to top the market. They analyze the properties they list and have them professionally staged before they are presented to their market.  These Top Dogs pay for their own staging, making it a part of their listing package.  They see it as a cost of doing business and a powerful market advantage”. 


 The New York Chapter of RESA presented:

 ”The Evolution of Staging,”

  …a panel discussion of Realtors & Stagers…

  Matthew Finlason, Star of HGTV’s series “The Stagers,” Phillis Galaway, SVP Sotherby’s International Realty, NY, William Hoar, Wilton Associates, NY, Deanna Kory, SVP Corcoran Group NY, Melissa Marro, First Impressions, SC, and LInda Stillwell, SVP Corcoran Group,NY.

 It was held at the Scandinavian house in Manhattan. Over 200 brokers registered, 180 attended.

 “The real estate market is changing at an unprecedented rate, and along with it, the real estate staging industry has evolved from simply de-cluttering a property to marketing a lifestyle for a multi-media environment.” -RESA NY

Here is a photo of me, Heather C Martinez, the owner and lead Certified Professional Home Stager  of HCMdesigns, with my fellow Stager friend, Matthew Finlason!  He is the Star of HGTV’s  “The Stagers” series, and was most recently seen on ‘Selling L.A.”

June 2013


This eclectic group helps make conversation & connections more informative, valuable and definitely pleasurable!

At every COMPANY4DESSERT Business Club Salon, passion trumps professionalism!  Couches & Cupcakes was the largest registered C4D Business Salon to date!  The Wonderful charismatic and strategetically innovative Toby Nadler,  specifically curated the guest list as the first WOMENINBUSINESS.ORG experience! It will be followed by a second WOMENINBUSINESS.ORG  C & C Business Salon in 2014.

Frank Rocco Photography: Women in 6-13-13 &emdash; _6130914
Staged Specific for Sweet Success!

They say you are the sum of the people you associate with well I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to join this very social savvy club of professionals who have a zest for Sweet Success!!!  The C & C Salon was deliciously crafted by Jennifer’s to be Salon-specific! Beautiful Presentation and so tasty too!

Checkout the slide show below of All the Awesome Professionals that got together for this Salon in order to introduce and embrace an  innovative, national and exclusive group of influential women! And if you’d like to join call Toby 914-288-9888, there are no monthly meetings for either C4D Business Club or WIB.ORG.

 ”Couch composed, secrets exposed, success defined.”  – Toby Nadler

Here is a picture of me writing ”my Secret to my Success” with the Ultimate Dessert Diva… Jennifer of Cupcakes & Things! ;) … and right behind us are the Sweetest ladies responsible for Check them out!

 Frank Rocco Photography: Women in 6-13-13 &emdash; _6130931

September 2013

Cafe` Napoli Grand opening Wine & Redesign Event

HCMdesigns & Cafe` Napoli’s work together to make their Grand opening with Wine & Redesign inspiration a true Success*

The photos were taken by the very talented Mr.Frank Rocco, of Frank Rocco Photography, president, ASMPNew York.,,,, phone: 718-281-4476, mobile: 917-974-1251


 ”Pretty Sells & Staging Makes Cents!”- HCMdesigns

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