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*Awaken, Refresh, and Breathe NEW life into Your HOME ASAP!!!

  ”Ahhh YES …With the Wonders of Redesign”

Stage to LIVE Now… Happier!!!

… So, are you looking around your room thinking about how you wish it would or could look?   Have you lived in your home for a really longtime or just recently bought, rented or moved into your “NEW” home?  There’s no time like the present to consider the emotional and financial benefits that will keep your investment appreciating, and enhancing it’s resale value as well as enhancing your life and your overall well-being!  How can you make your House Feel like YOUR HOME???  Redesign is all about new beginnings and fresh starts!  It’s all about you and your family!  Make the MOST of What You Already Have & Dress it Up with NEW colors and Accessories!!!  Keep your furniture and reinvent your room or living spaces with lighting, textiles and decoration. Redesign is the concept of understanding that sometimes, just a fresh coat of paint, new accessories, some of your old furniture with new window treatments, accent pillows, artwork, and maybe an area rug can take a room up a notch!  Flattering what matters with fresh pops of color and  your most treasured belongings…Always creates the feeling of  “HOME”  instantly to any space!   It’s very common to move in and unpack for a few months- years… with the same awful boggling questions and notion of “gosh I thought my furniture would fit” or “the architectual style or layout is just so different from my last home.”…hmmm???  …it’s a trial and error process of making your living space work for YOU!  These makeovers tend to be put off, and make life at home anything but relaxing…  Why wait?  Isn’t it TIME your house starts to LOOK and FEEL  like your HOME…the way it should!

 *This is how Redesign is CREATED &  it will work for YOU!

  The MOST successful Redesign Recipe includes:

  •    A Major dose of “YOU”
  •    Your Personality
  •    Your Style
  •    Some of Your Favorite things
  • … Mix it all up with a very budget-friendly Redesign Action plan visualized by HCMdesigns, and…


 Work with a Certified Professional Home Staging Redesigner to achieve that FEEL HOME feeling that first captured you when you originally purchased or rented your home!  *HCMdesigns uses WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN  which will save you money and make the Absolute most of what you already have to help make your home more appealing to you…without spending a fortune? 

   Refresh, Redecorate, Reinvent, Rejuvenate, with our Redesign services!!!

*Remember, not every makeover needs a major reconstruction or a giant investment!

Please Note: Whether or not you are planning on selling ~just yet, or EVER? …it’s very important to be aware of what cosmetic upgrades and changes you can make to keep your home loaded with design appeal, and style, which ultimately increases the value of your home!  Acknowledging how Home Staging and Redesign is pure economics, because if you improve upon the look and condition of the product~which is the house…you increase upon the value of the product~home!  Well, there you have it!  But for those of you who are not even considering resale values at the moment …there may come a time when it becomes important… “Knowledge is money saved.”   HCMdesigns strives to keep you updated as well as your home, because knowing what you can do to keep your “Most Valuable Commodity” in the Best Condition possible is priceless!  This trend might even make you Fall Madly Deeply in LOVE with your HOME  all over AGAIN & AGAIN… making it feel “NEW”, cozy, warm, and especially inviting!  

Stage to Live… Happier NOW!

So, CALL TODAY!!! What are you waiting for? Go For it & Live for today!!!

… Let’s Get Started…

*Schedule a Redesign consultation with HCMdesigns, and transform your home from… *Dated to Dazzling!!!  


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